Specsavers is backing a campaign to encourage parents to get their child’s eye sight tested, regardless of visible symptoms, in children under eight years old.

Eye conditions that are not corrected early on, such as a squint or a lazy eye, can lead to lifelong problems: after eight years old can be too late to prevent long-term eye sight issues. Specsavers opticians recommend an eye examination for all children before eight years old and then once every two years.

For any children or parents concerned about their child’s eyesight, there are some simple questions:

  • Can you see what’s on the board clearly when you sit at the back of the classroom?
  • Do you often get headaches?
  • Do you find you lose your place while reading?
  • Do you rub your eyes a lot?
  • Do you get your words the wrong way round when you are reading or writing?
  • Do you find it difficult to see things close to your face, when you are drawing or making things?
  • Is your handwriting messier than most of your friends?
  • Do you prefer to hold books and comics close your face to see them clearly?
  • Do you always sit close to the TV?

If a child answers ‘yes’ to many of these questions, then it could be time for an eye test.

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