As the summer holidays come to a close and children prepare to return to school, there is one exam they should be taking before they step back into the classroom. Specsavers is warning parents that poor eyesight can have a significant impact on a child’s ability to learn and urging them to schedule an eye exam before the start of the school year.

Regular eye tests

Specsavers Chairperson Sinead Clohessy said, ‘Whether your child wears glasses or not, it is important to take them for regular eye tests to ensure that they have normal, healthy vision so that they can fulfil their academic potential.’

Behavioural problems

Sinead continues, ‘Poor eyesight can cause learning and behavioural problems as children may find it difficult to explain the difficulties they are experiencing with their eyesight. As children prepare to return to school for the start of the new academic year, now is the ideal time to arrange an eye exam for your child to ensure they get the most out of their education. If detected early, some potentially serious conditions can be reversed.’

Specsavers recommends

Specsavers recommends that children have their first eye examination at the age of three and continue with regular check-ups at least every two years.

Tell-tale signs

Some tell-tale signs your child could have a vision or eye-related problem include sitting too close to the television, holding objects very close to their face or even one eye turning either in our out. If you are concerned about your child’s vision you should contact your local Specsavers to arrange an eye exam.

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