Rory Perry, leading audiologist and hearing services director at Specsavers stores in Cork and Kerry, explains his daily routine and working life for one of Ireland’s leading publications, the Irish Examiner.


At 6.30am Rory is up and ready to start the day. With four children all under the age of thirteen and a new puppy, Rory’s morning are filled with dropping the kids off to school and getting them ready for the day ahead.


Rory reaches Specsavers, Cook St. by 8.10am, where he spends the first hour doing admin work, sorting out his diary for the day and ensuring his instruments are properly calibrated. At 9am Rory welcomes his first customer. To begin, Rory carries out an octoscopy, an examination of the ear with an instrument called an otoscope, during this he mainly checks for ‘wax build up, signs of infection and ear drum damage.’ After the octoscopy is complete Rory conducts a hearing test in the store’s sound proof room. Rory comments that nine out of ten times, hearing loss will be ‘age related’.


By 10am Rory begins fitting hearing aids, which vary in range from standard to very high tech. Rory believes ‘there’s less of a stigma attached to hearing aids nowadays because most are so discreet’.


Throughout the course of the day, Rory offers customers a three minute hearing screening. If the customer misses a lot of responses, Rory will offer them a full test, which takes 45 minutes and is completely free.


At 1pm Rory manages to have a quick lunch while he catches up on paperwork and responds to any telephones queries he may have missed during his busy morning with customers.


The clinic continues into the afternoon, where Rory and his team provide aftercare to customers who have had a hearing aid fitted. Rory spends his afternoon in Cook St. or attends satellite Specsavers clinics in Killarney, Bandon, Midleton, Mallow and Wilton.


At 5.30pm clinic finishes and Rory completes his day with orders, repairs, referral letters and preparation for the following day. Once out of the office Rory heads home to an evening filled with chauffeuring his kids to a variety of afterschool activities.

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