Keep your hearing health in check with regular banana consumption and yearly hearing tests at Specsavers.

Potassium rich bananas

Recent studies have shown that potassium rich bananas have real appeal when it comes to maintaining good hearing health. Research indicates a direct link between the level of aldosterone in the brain and the quality of our hearing as we age.


Aldosterone is the hormone responsible for controlling the body’s levels of potassium and as people age, the level of aldosterone in their system drops.

Nervous system

Potassium is really important to hearing health as it helps convert sounds into signals that the nervous system is in turn, able to recognise. The more aldosterone that older people have in their bloodstream, the better their hearing is, and the less of the hormone, the worse it is.1

Recent survey

A recent survey of Specsavers customers showed that 81% of us, after recognising that there is an issue with hearing loss, do nothing to resolve the issue. In fact, when asked 25% of those surveyed admitted to having hidden their hearing loss from friends and family out of embarrassment.

Good hearing health

Sinead Clohessy, Specsavers’ director of Ireland, says: “There is a strong correlation between having a healthy potassium level in the body and maintaining good hearing health as we age. Including potassium in your diet is a great way of looking after your hearing but I would also recommend having a once yearly test with your audiologist to ensure optimum hearing health.

Aging process

I commonly hear from patients that feel hearing loss is just something to be accepted as part of growing old but this is simply not the case. Similar to all parts of the body, our ears are susceptible to the aging process. However, people need to recognise that just like getting glasses for poor eyesight, deterioration in hearing can also be managed.”

On-site hearing centres

In addition to being experts in eye health, Specsavers also specialises in hearing with on-site hearing centres managed by qualified partners and staff. Specsavers hearing centres provide a free, three minute hearing screening, with no need to book an appointment and no obligation to buy. The screener lets customers know whether they would benefit from having a full hearing test, which takes about one hour.

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