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What kind of support can I get if my baby has hearing loss?


You have a range of options and services as a family, partly depending on the level of your baby’s hearing loss. The way you think about the different choices and what’s best for your child may change over time. Whatever you decide, remember you’ll be able to get support from a range of agencies from the time that your child is identified as having hearing loss:

  • Your local paediatric audiology service will look into your baby’s hearing loss and arrange for your baby to have hearing aids fitted if that’s what you want
  • If your baby has very severe to profound hearing loss, they may be referred to a specialist cochlear implant centre for an assessment. This will determine whether they could benefit from a cochlear implant. There will be plenty of opportunities to discuss what will be best for your child with the specialists
  • The National Deaf Children’s Society (NDCS) provides a range of information and can put you in touch with other parents in your area
  • Your local education authority should provide information, practical advice and support through regular home visits from a qualified Teacher of the Deaf. They will be available to support you with information about your options and strategies, and put you in contact with other professionals