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Sudden loss of hearing

I have suddenly become very deaf in one ear following extreme ear pain over approximately five hours and at the same time as a cold and sore throat. I visited my GP who gave me amaxycillin tablets for a week. After a few days my ear started to discharge a watery fluid and my hearing came back for a few hours before I became deaf again and discharge stopped. I have just completed my second week of antibiotics and my deafness has been there for two weeks with no more discharge. When I speak it feels like it thuds in my head on the deaf (right side) ear. I am very worried that this will be permanent. Can you give me any advice please.


If your hearing has not returned to normal after two lots of antibiotics, I would suggest that you return to your GP and request a referral to the Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) department at your local hospital for further investigation.