How do they work?

Small and discreet, we have some of the best rechargeable hearing aids on the market, providing a natural hearing experience and all without having to fiddle with batteries.

Rechargeable hearing aids come with a case that you pop them into at night and they charge up while you sleep, ready to pop them in for the morning birdsong. Some of our models even have a rechargeable case so that you can charge your hearing aids on the go when it’s convenient.

What should I know?

Rechargeable hearing aids tend to be the behind-the-ear/receiver-in-the-ear fits and not in-the-canal/invisible styles that rely on disposable batteries. Your hearing aid audiologist will discuss which style is best for your ears and your hearing loss.

The options

Depending on your type of hearing loss, budget or preference of fit, you’ll find rechargeable options in the Plus/Premium /Super/Elite sections of our advance range.

For example, our latest hearing aid is the advance 39R ‘receiver in the ear’ device that combines rechargeable hearing technology with Bluetooth connectivity.

In addition, the product offers the latest sound technology while giving freedom from handling fiddly batteries. 

Its key features are:

  • Remote control app

  • Latest sound processing technology

  • Hands-free calling - Bluetooth wireless connectivity with iPhone and Android devices

  • A choice of power levels

  • Available in a range of four colours

  • Non-rechargeable model also available

You can also find rechargeable options in the Phonak, and Signia ranges including those with Bluetooth connectivity