We want you to get the most from your new hearing aids. So our hearcare professionals have put together some tips and advice we hope you'll find useful

  • Be sure to keep your hearing aids away from water, damp and direct sunlight
  • Your hearing aids may have settings or programmes to help filter out excessive background noise. Check your supplier guide or ask an audiologist to find out how to adjust them (some hearing aids do it automatically)
  • Always make sure you store your hearing aids in their case overnight or when you're not using them
  • Keep ear wax at bay by cleaning your hearing aids regularly, following the advice given by your audiologist
  • When recharging your hearing aids, check your power pack is plugged in correctly, switched on, and your hearing aids are sitting correctly in the power pack
  • Assistive listening devices, such as remote microphones or TV streamers, can wirelessly link to your hearing aids to help in the most challenging situations. Ask your audiologist to find out more
  • Many of our hearing aids let you adjust volume or even change programmes using a smartphone app. Speak to your audiologist to find out more
  • Your hearing aids will have a coloured tab printed on them to show which ear they are for - red for your right ear and blue for your left ear
  • If your hearing aid uses batteries and not rechargeable batteries, you will need to change them regularly. Most hearing aids will beep when batteries are running low

Remember that our hearcare professionals are always happy to help. If you need advice, just ask. They may be able to adjust your hearing aids to give you better results.