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At Specsavers, we have a range of tiny digital hearing aids that can do remarkable things.

Designed and built by world-leading manufacturers, including Siemens, Phonak and Widex, they’re packed with technology and feature the newest innovations in hearing assistance. The only difference is the price. So, you'll pay as little as €750 a pair, up to €3,795 a pair and if you're eligible for PRSI benefit even our hi-tech hearing aids, at €2,000 a pair, are available.

They can recognise your favourite restaurant

Modern digital hearing aids are self-learning. That means they get to know your preferred settings for places you go to and adjust automatically.

They know when you’re having a one-to-one conversation

Our hearing aids don’t just turn up the volume, they identify the sounds you want to hear and filter out the ones you don’t. So even in a noisy room, you can hear the person you’re talking to clearly above the background chatter.

They can help you watch TV

Special technology can send the sound from your TV or stereo direct to your hearing aids. So you can easily hear your favourite programmes or listen to music without disturbing others.

So clever, they can answer your phone for you

With a discreet remote control in your pocket or handbag, you can answer your mobile phone at the click of a button. You’ll enjoy clear conversations as you listen to the call through your hearing aids.

They even listen to each other

At Specsavers we give you two hearing aids for the price of one, programmed to work together. So when the settings in one hearing aid change, the other responds to give you perfectly balanced, all-round hearing.

We can have you hearing better from day one

We can fit your hearing aids on the same day as your hearing assessment in most cases. So why not come and talk to a qualified hearing professional in store about the incredible hearing technology available to you at Specsavers?

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Our Advance hearing range

Our Advance range is the UK’s number one selling brand of hearing aids, designed and built by world-leading manufacturers and exclusive to Specsavers. Every product in the Advance range comes with a 90 day money-back guarantee.

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Our hearing package starts from €750 and includes

  • Two digital hearing aids
  • Four years’ worth of batteries
  • 90 day money back guarantee
  • Unlimited aftercare appointments at no extra charge
  • A choice of fitting styles at no extra charge
  • Hearing aid enhancements inc, directional microphones and telecoil

Why two hearing aids?

Hearing well is a natural function of both ears, so sounds heard with both ears actually appear louder and clearer than sounds heard with just one ear.

Hearing loss naturally occurs equally in both ears, so just as we help both eyes, helping both ears will help you hear more clearly – which is why we include two hearing aids as part of our complete digital hearing aid package across all of our Advance range.