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      Frame measurements
      Lens options
      • Single vision
      • Varifocals
      • Bifocals

      You can also get extra lens treatments and options to protect or enhance your glasses; browse the options below.

      Thin and light lenses
      Thin and light lenses
      Thin and light lenses
      Thin and light lenses
      Thin and light lenses

      Extra Thin + Light lenses - from 45€ for 1 pair

      A beauty treatment for your eyes. The lenses improve the appearance and comfort of your glasses, especially with a high prescription.

      • Up to 40% thinner and lighter than standard lenses
      • Suitable for lightweight frames
      • UltraClear SuperClean coating as standard

      For more information, please speak to your local store

      Sun tint and UV – from 24€ for 1 pair

      A full sun and UV tint can transform your glasses. Choose from three fashionable colours to create your unique look.

      • Available in brown, grey and green
      • Can relieve eye strain
      • See clearly in all conditions
      • Soften harsh, bright lights
      • Includes UV protection

      Polarising lenses - 60€ for 1 pair

      Unlike ordinary sunglasses, polarising lenses eliminate 99.9% of glare from horizontal surfaces such as roads, water and snow.
      Once you’ve seen the difference, you won’t want to wear ordinary sunglasses again.

      • Eliminate glare
      • Improve vision and comfort
      • 100% UV protection
      • Great for driving

      Reactions - 49€ for 1 pair

      Lenses that react to light. They’re clear indoors but darken like sunglasses in sunlight. So you only need one pair of glasses for all conditions.

      • React to light fast
      • Dark in sunlight, clear indoors
      • See clearly in all conditions
      • Plastic lenses, so lighter and safer than glass
      • 100% UVA and UVB blockage

      UltraDrive tint - 30€ for 1 pair

      Ideal for daytime driving, the driving tint will give you sharper vision behind the wheel.
      Its special tint enhances contrast and blocks UV light to give you a clearer view of the road.

      • Improves contrast for safer, clearer vision
      • Blocks all UV light and 95% of blue light
      • Won't affect the visibility of traffic lights or signs