Business mileage vision risk

October 2012

Print this story Research conducted into the driver eyecare policies of businesses and organisations across the Republic of Ireland has highlighted a need for employers to take action.

The survey, by Specsavers Corporate Eyecare, revealed that 81% of companies in Ireland have employees who are required to undertake some level of business mileage. Yet just 12% have a policy to test the eyesight of drivers. Even more alarming is that 7% of employers openly admitted to worrying about the eyesight of their employees who drive. With the likelihood of many employers not admitting to this concern and, more still, simple unaware of the quality of vision of their employees, the figures are disturbing.

While driving law states that the individual must ensure they are fit to drive, there is dispute over where the responsibility really lies for someone who is driving in the course of their work. One-third of incidents, injuries and deaths on the road are thought to involve people travelling for work. In 2012 there were 27,000 collisions reported across Ireland, this means that approximately 9,000 incidents would have involved employees driving in the course of their work. The ‘at work’ figures do not include collisions which occur during the commute to and from work and, as such, they represent a significant commercial and financial burden on businesses.

Dona McLafferty, corporate account manager for Specsavers Corporate Eyecare in the Republic of Ireland, comments: ‘With low-cost eyecare vouchers readily available, responsible employers already have policies in place to ensure that their employees’ eyesight is good enough for driving. Reducing the number of accidents will result in significant business gains and financial savings. The human benefit is, of course, immeasurable.’

Optical Care vouchers for Drivers are available from Specsavers Corporate Eyecare.

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