Finding the right contact lenses for you at Specsavers

If you’ve never worn contact lenses before, the thought of them can be a little daunting.
Don’t worry. Our qualified opticians are happy to help every step of the way.
Before you buy anything you’ll have an assessment. This will allow the optician to find out about your lifestyle, how often and for how long you want to wear your lenses and any specific activities you wish to use them for. This will help make sure that we find the right lenses for you.

The optician will also perform a contact lens-specific eye check* to make sure that your eyes are suitable for contact lenses. Plus you’ll receive advice and tuition that will help you wear your lenses successfully and with confidence

*A current glasses prescription is required. Alternatively, an eye test will be required at our standard charge

Visit your local Specsavers store to request an assessment.

Please enter the brand name of the contact lenses you wear.