From the pages of Vogue to Kylie Jenner’s Instagram, fashion — or coloured — contact lenses have established themselves as a staple for statement looks. Off the runway, coloured lenses can give cosplay and Halloween costumes that extra edge, either by enhancing your natural eye colour or changing it completely.

You can get fashion contact lenses in a full spectrum of colours, with opaque or semi-transparent tints. Like regular disposable contact lenses, they’re made from hydrogel or silicone hydrogel. The part that covers the iris — the coloured part of your eye — is tinted with colour, while the pupil area is transparent so that you can see through it.

Cool contact lenses

Coloured contact lenses can enhance the natural beauty of your eyes or allow you to explore different colours for a range of different looks. If you’ve never worn coloured contact lenses before, an excellent time to experiment with them is costume parties, especially Halloween.

Here's our expert guidance on which lenses might be best for you.

How to wear blue contact lenses

Opt for vivid blue enhancement contacts if you want to make pale blue eyes more vibrant. Blue generally works with all skin tones and hair colours. Fancy dressing up as a White Walker from Game of Thrones? With some shimmery blue contact lenses, you can.

How to wear green contact lenses

People with dark hair and olive skin tones could wear green contact lenses for a piercing stare. Turquoise contacts, on the other hand, work better for fair skin types. Green contacts go with most outfits but avoid bright red as these colours clash.

How to wear yellow contact lenses

Yellow or honey-coloured contact lenses again work brilliantly for people with dark hair and dark skin tones. To create ‘warm’ eyes, go for browner shades like toffee or caramel. Amber contacts can look great if you have blonde hair, particularly if you have a warmer skin tone. Use dark eye makeup for dramatic effect.

How to wear black contact lenses

Black lenses can deepen your eye colour and give you a darker, more dramatic look. This works especially well for people with brown or black hair and eyes. Black sclera lenses cover not just the iris, but also the white part of your eye — although you will still be able to see through them. These can look pretty scary and aren’t for the faint-hearted. 

How to wear grey contact lenses

Despite being light in colour, grey contacts are highly distinct and tend to suit most skin types and everyday outfits. To make your eyes stand out, look for grey contacts with a dark outer edge.

How to wear red contact lenses

Red contact lenses are best suited for fancy dress or cosplay, especially if you are dressing up as a vampire or demon. That said, red contact lenses paired with dark eye makeup and red hair can look eerily beautiful.

How to wear white contact lenses

Like grey contacts, white lenses are very distinctive and strike an instant impression. Some offer extra drama beyond a simple everyday look. If you have dark skin and white-blonde hair, this colour is very effective. Alternatively, white contacts are great for Halloween costumes — especially zombie outfits.

How to wear pink contact lenses

Pink contact lenses are ideal for fun nights out. Pair them with glam party outfits and plenty of bling to show them off at their best. They also perfectly complement pink or purple hair too.

How to wear purple contact lenses

Purple contacts complement gothic fashion well and are especially eye-catching when paired with dark hair and fair skin. And, if you’re looking for something to turn a witch costume into something rather extraordinary, these coloured contacts will do just that.

If you’re thinking about buying fashion contact lenses, be aware that cheap, poorly fitting ones can harm your eyes. We recommend you book a consultation with your local Specsavers opticians for a professional fitting and so you can be sure you’re getting them from a reputable brand.

In the meantime, you might like to check out these coloured contact lenses. Alternatively, view Specsavers’ full range of contact lenses.